Protect yourself and 

those you care about.

Simple, effective, non-lethal self-defense solutions for home, work, hospitals, and schools.


How it Works

3 simple steps to use Reflex Protect®

Step 1

Hold canister in a one or two-handed grip with nozzle facing target.

step 2 for reflex protect

Step 2

Firmly press your index finger against the trigger block, allowing it to pop free.

step 3 reflex protect

Step 3

Push the thumb safety up and forward. Squeeze the trigger, aiming for the target’s eyes.

See it in Action


Effective and Accurate

The combination of our intuitive, patented spray head and Presidia Gel® (CS), often used for riot control and by police, makes Reflex Protect® the most effective non-lethal self-defense solution on the market. 


Committed to Safety

While most pepper spray products have a single safety, we have two. In addition, the patented design of our safety makes it far less likely for the product to be accidentally deployed.

safe to use

Presidia Gel®

Unlike conventional pepper sprays, Reflex Protect® uses Presidia Gel® (CS) that sticks to what it hits and won't affect someone who has not had direct contact with the product, meaning there is little risk of cross-contamination to an innocent person or the surrounding environment.

easy to use

Complete Solution

At Reflex Protect®, we know that a self-defense product is only as effective as its users' faith in it and their ability to deploy it. We offer a total solution including not only the installation of a revolutionary product but also safety policy implementation assistance and extensive user training and certification.

We love that you don’t want to endanger others or cause permanent damage.

Use the safest and most accurate self-defense spray.